Checking off the to-do list

**I started this post over a month ago, so I’m not even sure it’s still worth posting because almost all the food has been eaten and the house is dirty again, but here goes nothing!**

I actually have been able to conquer some of my spring cleaning projects (and added a few more to the list!).

I’ve loosely been following followed MoneySavingMom’s Four Weeks to a More Organized Home, which has been great because it has helped me cross off some items off my list, along with adding quite a few more! However, it has been a little demoralizing not being able to keep up, but such is life, huh?

Thankfully I have been able to find time to accomplish a few projects, which include:

  • Clean out silverware drawer
  • Clean out purse
  • Clean out fridge (which was much worse than I thought!)
  • Clean out freezer (which thankfully wasn’t as bad as previous times. I think I had recently cleaned it.)
  • Clean outside of kitchen cabinets (which took me FOREVER! Like two hours, but I was slightly anal about it.)
  • Clean all light switches (this was accomplished during an 11 p.m. Katie-goes-crazy cleaning spree.)
  • Clean all door handles (also a late night project)
  • Clean off top of refrigerator
  • Clean appliances (fridge, microwave, oven and range)
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Vacuum out couch (cleaned the cushions and underneath them … didn’t find any money, just lots of dog hair and crumbs)
  • Cleaned out car

These past two weeks two months have also been slightly dedicated to freezer cooking. We ran out of muffins, which basically made both of us feel like we didn’t have anything to eat! Now our freezers are literally stuffed to the brim, which is awesome! Here are a few of the cooking projects:

I’m coming closer to finishing the list I made a few weeks months ago! I still want to make peanut butter raisin balls and cran-apple muffins, along with a few other items like pizza pockets and ham and cheese pockets.

Windows, blinds and baseboards … not so much.

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