Chai Tea Frosted Cookies

“Wow! These are the best cookies you’ve ever made!” – Kody

Now Kody may be a tad bit biased. And he may think that most everything I make is delicious. But that’s still a pretty big compliment, even coming from a husband!

Eat, Live, Run’s Chai Tea Frosted Cookies.

The cookies do deserve it though – they are delicious and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll go make some now!

My friend, Lauren, recommended the blog Eat, Live, Run to me and I’m hooked! Over the past few weeks, I’ve already made Jenna Weber’s Cajun Chicken Mac-n-Cheese, Chocolate Zucchini Cookies, Spinach and Cheese Quinoa Casserole and three more of her recipes are on the menu plan for the rest of the month. These Chai Tea Frosted cookies are the best of her recipes so far, with the Chocolate Zucchini cookies in a close second.

I love chai, especially in the fall, so when I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it immediately. And then I realized we didn’t have powdered sugar. And then I didn’t go grocery shopping for two weeks. So, I finally just got around to making them tonight – perfect on a cold, rainy fall evening, accompanied by a bowl of homemade chili.

Homemade chili topped with green onions, olives and cheddar cheese.

But this post isn’t about chili! It’s about amazing, delicious chai tea cookies (which may or may not have come before the chili). Jenna describes the cookies as the perfect mix between a cupcake and a cookie because they’re deliciously light and fluffy. I didn’t make many changes to her recipe, but did used Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. I’ve been making my own chai tea lattes at home with this concentrate and it’s delicious and so much cheaper than buying it at Starbucks every day. I also didn’t use vanilla or put the batter into a ziplock bag. In my mind, you only lose batter when you do that, which = less cookies, which = no good.

Cookies – looking good and naked and ready to be frosted!

Chai tea buttercream frosting.

Ohh, they were are so good! No, we didn’t eat them all, although we wanted to! I’m planning on taking them to our church’s Women’s Retreat this weekend, but only if enough of them make it to 4:30 p.m. tomorrow!

Do yourself a favor and please go make these cookies now.

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